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Centennial Celebration

In a few years (2019), The American Legion will celebrate 100 years of dedicated and loyal service to America and all of America's veterans. This is a rare moment in time when we can look back on all the good things The American Legion has done, not for a few years or a few decades, but for 100 years!

As the date of our Legion's 100th Birthday approaches, we have a great opportunity to reach out to the veteran community and our local communities to tell them about The American Legion, all over again. The Centennial gives us a valid excuse to "toot our horn" and let everyone know The American Legion is alive and doing well!

How do we "toot our horn" to maximize our exposure, while keeping the cost to a minimum? Here are a few ideas for your post to consider:

The American Legion Centennial Resources

The American Legion has developed several Centennial resources, become familiar with them and use them to help get your post's story told. A visit to the Centennial.Legion.Org web site is good place to start:

Legacy Merchandise
Tell Your Post's Story

Tell your post's story to your members and your local community as often as you can and in as many ways as you can.

Legacy Meets Vision

The American Legion Centennial Celebration is not only about honoring the past 100 years of our history, but also preparing to continue our legacy of service. Events and activities at posts all around the world will showcase The American Legion "Still Serving America."


Centennial Celebration
Centennial Web Site