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Purpose and Aims

The object and purpose of the Past Commanders Club (PCC) shall be to promote the principles and policies as set forth in the Preamble and the National and Department Constitutions of The American Legion and in the Articles of this club. The Past Commanders Club of California is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation.

Past Commanders Club of California

The Past Commanders’ Club (PCC) is here to help your American Legion post succeed. We are a non-profit, social and patriotic service organization comprised of hundreds of past American Legion post commanders. ¬†We have experience that may be of benefit to you and your post. If asked, our members can consult with your post leadership to help your post succeed. Helping posts succeed is our mission.

Since 1935 the Past Commanders’ Club has consulted with many local posts with both new and seasoned leadership, on a variety of important post operations issues, including:

As past post commanders of The American Legion in California, we are a club of experienced leaders well suited to serve as consultants to your post leadership.

Contact your nearest Outpost (What is an Outpost? And how would a local post contact an Outpost) or State Headquarters (Is this the Department of California office in Sanger?) if you, or your Post, need assistance. If everything is going fine, and you are the Commander, join us, you will be glad you did.