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  From the pages of the “California Legionnaire”
  1.  California American Legion Amateur Radio Service
(CALARS) Announces a New Monthly Net
Homecoming for Commander Joseph Garcia
          Friday - May 2, 2014 - Chino Post 299
  3.  Califiornia’s Eagle Scout of the Year
          James McDaniels, BSA Troop 7050, Yuba City, CA
  4.  YEC 2014 Conference May 16-19, 2014
          Barbara Ross, Program Coordinator
  5.  2014 Santa Clara Convention

Department Convention - June 20-22, 2014
  6.  IRS Bulletin
          P. B. Onderdonk, National Judge Advocate

California American Legion Amateur Radio Service
(CALARS) Announces a New Monthly Net

By William Staehle – Area 2 Amateur Radio Commissioner

     CALARS will begin to operate an IRLP/EchoLink net on the first Sunday of the month at 1:30 PM Pacific time beginning on May 4th. This new net will allow all American Legion Amateur Radio license holders to participate using either a local IRLP repeater or a computer or smart phone with EchoLink software. This will allow Technician Class license holders be able to participate in a CALARS net in addition to those individuals with more advanced licenses. Licensed members may participate in the net by connecting either to IRLP Reflector 9096 or EchoLink Conference Server WW6BAY-R. Those in the San Francisco Bay area can simply use one of the Bay-Net repeaters for this net. More information about Bay-Net can be found at The new net is in addition to the HF net which occurs every Sunday at 1:00 PM on 40 meters at 7.278 MHz.
     We encourage all Legionnaires with a current license and those wishing to get involved with Amateur Radio for both emergency communications and hobby use to join the CALARS yahoo group by sending an email to Please include your name, Post, and call sign, if any. By joining the group you will be able to see complete and up-to-date information about the nets, view information about using IRLP and EchoLink, get information about obtaining an Amateur Radio license, and post messages with information and questions about Amateur Radio and CALARS.

---  ---  ---  ---  ---

YEC 2014 Conference May 16-19, 2014
 by Barbara Ross, Program Coordinator or (916) 798-3317

     Hopefully every Post in the Department has received information from their Districf Ag Chairman about this unique program sponsored by The American Legion Dept. of California and conducted by the U.S. Forest Service – Eldorado National Forest.
     If your Post hasn’t received the information, you can either find the forms on the Dept’s website, or contact the Coordinator to receive the forms for making reservations, and for the student, school and family to complete.
     Although it’s been an ongoing annual program for nearly 40 years, it seems to be a well kept secret among the Legion members.   When considering sponsoring a student, don’t only look at your Post’s ability to fund the program, talk to your Auxiliary, Squadron, 40/8, Riders and if you aren’t fortunate enough to have these supporting Legion family groups, ask a local civic club if they would consider helping out.  Many local clubs are looking for youth-oriented programs to support.  Basic fee is $350, and transportation ranges from $50 to $65 depending on where your student travels from.
     Or, another possible source of support would be another Legion Post to partner with and then alternate which Post selects the school to sponsor. 
     This is a co-ed program for high school sophomores or juniors who are interested in environmental sciences – any discipline – any school.  The students who do go into this field in college are eligible for a small scholarship from the program when they enter their second year.
     Although it does take the students out of school for two instructional days,  we have never had a school charge the student for absences against perfect attendance records.  So, if you haven’t already presented the program to the counseling center or science department, now is the time to start.  If necessary, the students can take assignments with them and they will be given time to complete them in a quiet location. 
     If you would like to get in contact with Posts who sponsor students to learn what their impressions of the program are,  please contact me and I can put you in touch with them.

---  ---  ---  ---  ---

2014 California Convention
June 19-22, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA

By James McMann, PR Chair, 2nd Area Convention Corporation

     The 2014 California Convention will be held on June 19-22nd at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The DEC and Convention Committees will meet on June 19.  If you’re traveling with family this year then you may, or may not, be happy to hear that the convention is virtually across the street from California’s Great America, an amusement park with its own water park, including the water slides.  Discount tickets will be available on the Convention website and at the Information Booth in the Registration Area at the Convention Center.
     Santa Clara, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is home to many high-tech companies including the famous CPU manufacturer, Intel. Just a short 5 minute drive will take you to the Intel Museum with its interactive exhibits. Learn about chip manufacturing, microprocessors and other computer technology. A bit farther away are two famous museums, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View and the Tech Museum in San Jose which also hosts an IMAX theater.
     If computers aren’t your thing, then take a short drive to San Jose’s Winchester House Mystery house. Sarah Jane Winchester, whose family made Winchester rifles, was told by her psychic that she would live as long as she kept adding on to her house. Stairs go nowhere, doors open on walls and other oddities. If you like interesting old houses filled with antiques, you’ll enjoy a visit. The convention is also an hour away from San Francisco and Fisherman’s Warf, 45 minutes from Santa Cruz with its Beach Boardwalk, one and a half hours away from Napa and the wine country and its 4 hours to Yosemite National Park.
     We’re not ignoring the convention either. Our web store is up and running so you can order your convention shirts, coins, pins, etc. and get them shipped to you today. On Saturday at 0700 will be the Color Guard Competition. The American Red Cross would love to see you during their convention blood drive, if you can spare a pint. Maybe you’ll get a chance to meet one or more of the several candidates running for a Department office who will be attending the convention. We’ll be offering flag bands this year, if you bring your colors. Several local posts, some just minutes away, are finalizing dinners, dances and other activities as well.
     The Sons of The American Legion have stepped up and offered to help staff the shuttle vans that will be traveling all week between the hotels, posts, and the Convention Center.  Mission City Post 564 will also provide shuttle service to their open house on Friday night, June 20.
     And for those of you who will be attending a Department Convention for the first time, there will be a booth just for you!  The Legion and the Sons will join the Auxiliary, who initiated the idea, and staff a booth with volunteers that will provide useful tips and insights into Convention procedure, protocol, and ritual.
     Lastly, if you’re a local Legion family member and want to get involved go to the website calendar and attend the next meeting or drop us a note. We’re looking forward to working with you!
     Like us on Facebook,  and visit us at

---  ---  ---  ---  ---

IRS Bulletin

By P. B. Onderdonk, National Judge Advocate

     Just this week, we learned that the IRS has a new form required for EVERY enterprise with an EIN.  That means all corporations, incorporated and non incorporated posts and tax exempt organizations.  Whenever there is a change of address or change in the person in charge, the new person in charge must now file the IRS Form 8822-B.
     This is a basic form that looks like a “Change of Address” form.  What they really want to know is the NAME of the “RESPONSIBLE PARTY.”  This could be the post commander or adjutant or treasurer, or whoever has a level of control over the funds.  This form must be filed by MARCH 1, 2014, if you have not told the IRS the identity of the Responsible Party and then again within 60-days of whenever your Responsible Party changes.
     We request that departments notify their posts.

     Click on the following link to access IRS Form 8822-B:


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