Department Commissions

Commissions are listed alphabetically.

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Aeronautics and Aerospace

To promote civilian air activities in theDepartment, including the building if model airplanes, and if deemed advisable competition among persons so engaged. (Aviation in the military field shall be handled by National Security). To promote aerospace research and keep The American Legion advised of all activity in the field of Aerospace.

Agriculture Natural Resources and Energy

Robert Azbell (178-5), 209-251-9487,

Ernest J. Henry Jr. (564-13) Vice Chair, 408-449-2146,

Robert E. Cozad (108-11) Chair, 209-274-4156,

Robert Chebi (177-23) 310-306-8006,

Daniel Fritz (365-22) 760-224-4225,

Gene Denney (581-20) 818-360-3404,


Agriculture Natural Resources and Energy

Agriculture Natural Resources and EnergyTo promote the development, supply, quality, and environmental conversation, applicable to food, agriculture resources, and energy, through study of conditions and problems, and by working in counsel with State Agencies and leaders in their respective fields; to implement an active forestry and youth environmental orientation program, to monitor the energy policies applicable to the state, to promote energy conservation and circulate energy policies as a program of The American Legion, Department of California.

Robert R. Safreno (338-5) Chair, 707-795-3963

Ron Parshal (471-10) 510-749-9733,

Ben Williams (74-12) 209-538-2041,

Larry J. Stuppy ii (546-17) 714-842-8118,

R. Mike Thweatt (332-22) Vice Chair, 760-443-3579,

Potter (790-18) 626-343-3273,

Program Details

Amateur Radio

The AMerican Legion Amateur Radio ClubTo assist in the development of amateur radio, and, to that end, to establish an amateur radio chain among volunteer radio enthusiasts.

Steven J. Culp (447-6) 916-501-5956,, N6EOD

Daniel L. Curry (585-26) Chair 650-503-3085,, K6DLC

Robert D. King (23-14) 559-681-9250,, KM6BNY

Steve Murray (496-19) 562-596-0518,, KE6DZR

Thomas Mc Lean (519-21) 760-393-1799,, KJ6DZT

John Velasquez (371-16) Vice Chair 805-343-1531,, KG6RVR

Program Details

American Legion Riders

American Legion RiderTo support and promote American Legion Riders as a program of The American Legion, Department of California.

Bob Perryman (521-6) 916-873-5007,

Ryan Sparks (31-28) 910-723-2529,

Vince A. Cole (83-12) Chair, 209-628-4998,

Karl Wilvert (359-19) 720-840-5578,

Paul Patricio (255-22) 619-512-7345,

Steven C. Weber (48-16) Vice Chair, 805-377-9125,

Program Details


1005 Americanism  To develop and maintain a spirit of 100% Americanism among Legionnaires and residents of the State of California. To put into effect the Americanism programs of The American Legion; to coordinate any overlapping plans dealing with Americanism; and to develop an overall policy of Americanism. To act as liaison between all youth and adult organizations and to assist in sponsoring activities of Americanism throughout the State of California; and to coordinate the programs of the Posts and Districts of The Department of California with all public, private, and parochial schools and any other organization pursuing the ideals of Americanism.

Gary Blackburn (550-5) 707-554-4333,

Eric B. Ardell (246-9) 925-838-0749,

David L. Ritter (3-14) 559-584-4275,

Patrick J. Dowd (51-19) Vice Chair, 562-533-5355,

James Fleming (25-14) 909-885-4090,

Daniel W. Crow (741-16) Chair, 805-482-7753,

Americanism ManualResources

  • Americanism Manual
  • Action Programs of Americanism
  • 2016 Americanism Position Paper
  • Americanism Newsletter Summer 2016
  • Americanism eBulletin April 2016
  • Americanism Programs

  • Flag Education Program
  • Junior Shooting Sports
  • Operation Comfort Warriors
  • School Award Medal Program
  • Youth Cadet Law Enforcement

  • Baseball

    American Legion BaseballTo foster the program of The American Legion as regard to baseball; it shall prepare an annual budget of all its operations and shall include all funds received and expended to be presented to the Finance Commission which will be presented with the Department budget to the Convention.

    Area 1. James Shepherd (197-2) 916-246-9344, None

    Area 1. Odell Shelton (205-1) 707-725-4202,

    Area 2. A. C. Ralston (82-26) 650-349-3433,

    Area 2. Michael D. Underwood (246-9) 925-820-9027,

    Area 3. Alan Frye (147-14) Vice Chair 559-294-0150,

    Area 3. Ed Benes (83-12) 209-658-2663,

    Area 4. Robert C. Boyd (352-19) Chair, 310-503-9644,

    Area 4. Robert W. Mitchell (352-19) 310-625-6096,

    Area 5. Harold Hall (72-29) 714-504-5730,

    Area 5. OPEN

    Area 6. Robert K. Ryan (283-24) 310-457-9130,

    Area 6. Larry Van Kuran (826-20) 818-427-1577,

    Program Details

    Boy's State

    Boys’ State To operate Boys’ State for the development of good citizenship in the communities. The Boys’ State Commission shall prepare an annual budget of all its operations and shall include all funds received and expended to the Finance Commission which in turn will be presented with the Department budget to the Convention.

    Theodore R, Hillyer (77-6) Vice Chair, 818-427-1577,

    Lester Mensinger (837-9) 510-657-5056,

    Richard L. Kearns (16-11) Chair, 209-474-0156,

    Gilbert Palmer (272-19) 562-464-8809,

    Sandy Schneeberger (291-29) 562-691-1357, None

    Scott Erickson (283-24) 310-454-8400,

    Boys State program  Key Staff

    Boys’ State Director, Richard L. Shick,, 858-277-8672

    Assistant Director, Jim Alcorn, (SAL), 925-685-1888

    Administrator, Barbara L. “Chic” DeVault,, 916-991-4720

    Asst. Administrator, Edward Denson, (SAL), 408-733-3227

    Staff Chief Counselor, Tim Aboudara Sr., (SAL), 707-585-3225

    Staff Assistant, Chief Counselor William E. Denson,, 707-584-7425

    Staff Chief Counselor Emeritus, Joseph M. Cenoz, 805-434-2707

    Program Details

    Children & Youth

    Children & Youth ProgramsTo carry on the Child Welfare Program of The American Legion and to promote the program of the education of war orphans.

    John W. Minton (45-4) 530-840-0345,

    Dennis D. Foggie (318-13) Vice Chair, 408-274-3079,

    Barbara J. Lowe (509-14) 559-999-3020,

    Charles D. Sarceda (302-17) 323-256-3678,

    Roxanne I. Jones (451-22) Chair, 619-479-0149,

    Peter Duncan (502-16) 805-529-0215,

    John W. Minton (45-4) 530-840-0345,

    Program Details

    Community Service

    Constitution and By-Laws  To structure, produce and carry on the Community Service Commission betterment program for The American Legion local community in which a post is situated and represents; to identify, promote, support and encourage those program activities and events by the posts throughout the Department, not covered by other commissions or committees.

    Mike Hughes (709-6) 916-363-3630,

    Michael Ryan (591-28) 831-393-2046,

    Johnny A. Carr (94-15) Chair, 559-592-4069,

    Jose M. Paez (411-19) 323-203-9197,

    Frank H. Granado (106-25) Vice Chair, 909-381-6089,

    Stacy Moody (371-16) No contact information provided

    Constitution and By-Laws

    Constitution and By-Laws  To structure, produce and carry on the Community Service Commission betterment program for The American Legion local community in which a post is situated and represents; to identify, promote, support and encourage those program activities and events by the posts throughout the Department, not covered by other commissions or committees.

    Mark L. Rice (383-6) 916-965-3543,

    Ralph Jacob (419-13) 408-746-4030,

    Kenneth A. Kramlich (22-11) Chair, 209-363-5683,

    Johnny T Brown (314-19) 310-715-6728,

    Eddie R. Fletcher (14-25) 760-243-9531,

    Scott Sinclair (247-18) Vice Chair, 626-674-7101,

    Convention City

    2016 Convention pinTo investigate the facilities and financial ability of cities placing a bid for a Department Convention; to recommend to the Department Convention the city best qualified to hold a Department Convention; and upon the Convention being awarded to a city by the Department Convention; the Department Commission may become the Commander’s official representative, with the duties of coordinating all phases of Convention Activities with the convention city or corporation.

    Janice Price (720-2) 530-247-0483, None

    Bernard Remoaldo (649-10) 510-657-2223,

    Less Chappel (621-14) 559-289-8638,

    Robert C. Brown (252-23) Chair, 323-828-9028,

    Javier Collazo (365-22) 760-458-4397,

    Karl Risinger (43-24) Vice Chair, 562-243-5491,

    Disaster and Emergency Services Commission

    Foreign Relations and National Defense Mission Statement:

    To organize the membership of the Department into a cohesive unit so that in time of disaster the membership of the Department may be available for duty and to cooperate with all law enforcement agencies in their plans concerning disaster relief.


    The American Legion signed an agreement of cooperation with the American Red Cross to assist it during times of disaster. In 2005, The Legion signed an affiliation agreement with the federal Department of Homeland Security. In 2006, The Legion adopted two disaster preparedness and response oriented Resolutions requiring each level of the Legion, from Department to individual Legionnaires, to be prepared for and ready to respond to disasters, and to assist their local communities in disaster preparedness projects.

    The California Department acts as administrative and coordinating headquarters for 6 subordinate Areas, 30 Districts, over 450 local Posts, and all our individual Legionnaires. Planning, organizing, preparing and training for, then coordinating a disaster response for such a large organization is a massive task.

    Richard Romo (21-5) 707-318-9635,

    Larry Doutherd (380-13) Vice Chair, 408-270-4570,

    David Graham (26-15) 661-829-1169,

    Jimmy Cummings (677-17) 818-470-7512,

    Jeremy Ray Harris (133-29) 714-916-1476,

    Alvin E. Evenson (136-16) Chair, 805-215-9039,



    Finance Co  mmissionTo perform such duties as are delegated to it by the Department Bylaws; generally care for the finances of the Department Convention and report to the Department Executive Committee concerning the finances of the Department. The Finance Commission shall prepare a proposed budget for each Commission and Committee before each Department Convention and shall submit the same to the Convention Finance Committee, using the Annual Report of the Personnel Committee to establish salaries and benefits for all Department employees. Said annual report of the Personnel Committee is advisory only and not in any way binding on the Finance Commission.

    David L. Eby (529-1) 707-275-2771,

    David Jackson (29-9) 925-518-3295,

    Alan C. Lennox (108-11) Chair, 209-267-9319,

    Hugh E. Crooks Jr. (309-17) 323-821-8787,

    R.D."Jesse" James (112-25) 909-226-2277,

    Michael Gombar (150-20) Vice Chair, 818-727-0086,

    Foreign Relations

    Foreign Relations and National Defense To promote the program of The American Legion in regard to Foreign Relations and National Defense in all its phases.

    Kim Conrad (415-1) Chair, 707-496-3423,

    Arlington Lamica (591-28) 931-277-3330,

    Ralph Bivins (509-14) 559-269-0168,

    Danille Duffaut (8-17) Vice Chair, 626-334-3793,


    Tony Salazar (817-20) 818-896-9184,

    Housing (Veterans)

    Homeless Veterans  Mission: To assist veterans of this state in their present and future housing problems.

    Remember the best way for us to assist Veterans who are homeless is to connect them to our local VA. Each veterans Administration office has a homeless coordinator in addition to members of our commission in all 6 areas. Each area commissioner has connections with different supportive housing to assist in eliminating our veteran homelessness.

    Julie Baumgardner (236-6) 916-955-9520,

    Brian Andrus (512-28) 831-917-0571,

    Michael V. Cruz (26-15) 661-831-3725,

    James Hadley (252-23) 323-778-8014,

    Marquis Palmer (951-21) Vice Chair, 951-500-9551,

    Jose Leal (508-18) No contact information provided


    VA - Homeless Veteran Resources
    If you are a homeless veteran in need of immediate assistance or are at risk of homelessness, VA is here for you. Call VA's toll-free National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-424-3838 (1-877-4AID-VET).

    CalVet - Homeless Veterans Outreach and Support

    Homeless Veteran Handbook

    Internal Affairs

    Internal AffairsTo establish, oversee, modify and coordinate efficient and ethical internal operations of the Department of California and other such activities as are usually incident to the Commission and as directed by The Department Executive Committee.

    Courtland D. Bradbury (84-7) Vice Chair, 530-888-8188,

    Helen Wong (384-8) 650 576-7875,

    Gene Hamill (83-12) 209-658-4691,

    Patrick Gadut (309-17) 909-952-0111,

    Jim Fieler (133-29)

    Harley Santos (125-16) Chair, 805-376-2397,

    Law and Order

    Law and OrderTo foster, within the scope of American Legion principles and policies, an affirmation program of respect for and support of law and order in general and law enforcement agencies in the legitimate function and performance of their offices and duties, and further, that a sub-committee be appointed to formulate American Legion policies concerning the use of narcotics and dangerous drugs.

    Greg Patterson (807-4) 530-632-5748,

    Gary Gee (456-8) 415-314-3145,

    Anthony N. Guerrero (147-14) Chair, 559-322-4863,

    Richard E. Kalk (381-17) Vice Chair, 626-287-1616,


    Auggie Galaviz (790-18) 562-706-0178,


    LeadershipTo encourage members to utilize their innate potentials, and develop within those potentials, the enthusiasm to function for the best interest of The American Legion, at all levels.

    Susan Johnson (807-4) Vice Chair, 530-742-2858,

    Kenneth W. Newman (558-13) 650-964-2843,

    Keith M. Husser (168-12) 209-690-7889,

    Louie M. Adame (51-19) Chai,r 562-201-3095,

    Sam Flores (731-22) 619-806-4059,

    Mike H. Baldwin (288-20) 818-249-0731,


  • Current Status of California Legislative Being Tracked
  • Bills on Governor Brown's Desk
  • LegislativeTo consider legislative matters, make recommendations to the Department Convention and the Executive Committee, and generally supervise the legislative program of the Department during the session of the State Legislature.

    Donald Harper, Chair,, 916-489-5669

    Anthony C. Rolls (564-13) 408-379-9604,

    David P. Smith (108-11) 209-304-8252,

    Patricia Jackson-Kelley (252-23) 323-752-6252,

    Robert M. Brower (291-29) 949-854-9768,

    Bill Branch (283-24)Vice Chair, 310-454-2054,

    Media & Communications

    Media & Communicaitions Commission  The Media & Communications Commission works internally to educate, motivate and inform The American Legion Family of the mission and programs of The American Legion for the purpose of making them promoters of and participants in the activities and aims of The American Legion.  The commission works externally to build awareness of and support for the primary mission and purpose of The American Legion, especially among individual citizens, the United States Congress, media, national and local government agencies and corporate America.

    Robert Ireland (174-1) Chair, 707-272-1997,

    Cory Waddingham (585-26) 214-564-2137,

    Frank L. Vail II (124-15) 661-317-6953,

    Marilyn E. Rideaux (252-23) Vice Chair, 310-819-8815

    Joanne H. Evans (595-21) 951-657-8704,


    National Media & Communications Commission Resources

  • View the 2016 Media & Communications Commission Report.
  • National Media & Communications web page


NaturalizationTo promote naturalization among un-naturalized residents of the State of California; to urge the broadening of the program now established in schools for the education of un-naturalized residents so that they can pass the required tests for naturalization, including the teaching to un-naturalized persons of the history and background of the United States of America, and through the Posts and Districts to cooperate with the officials of the Naturalization Department of the United States and the courts when classes of persons are naturalized.

Michael J. Patty (521-6) 916-992-0849,

Richard Martin (593-28) 831-262-4716,

Sandra Carr (94-15) Chair, 559-592-4069,

Ernie Bille (309-17) 626-483-4068,

Richard Cortez (742-21) Vice Chair, 951-858-9021,



Oratorical Contests

Oratorical ContestsTo consider legislative matters, make recommendations to the Department Convention and the Executive Committee, and generally supervise the legislative program of the Department during the session of the State Legislature.

W. E. "Smokey" Davis (789-4) 530-633-2463,

Allan Hale (238-26) Vice Chair, 650-359-3277,

Laura F. Kilgore (147-14) Chair, 559-977-8053,

Byron Hobbis (51-19) 562-941-5798,

Robbie Ogan (106-25) 909-809-2719,

David Gibson (43-24) 714-906-1068,

Program Details


Ritual CommissionTo promote and teach the use of ritual in all American Legion meetings as described in the official National Publication, e.g. Officers Guide, to foster teams at all levels of The American Legion for initiatory and installation at meetings, and to lend military pageantry to American Legion functions, particularly at patriotic holiday ceremonies and parades, and at State and National Conventions and to supervise contests of uniformed bodies.

Cindy Verrill (807-4) 530-743-2390,

George W. Smith (82-26) 650-349-7146,

Eric Kurtz (682-15) Vice Chair, 661-301-9030,

James T. Higuera (270-19) Chair, 626-852-0780,

Donna E. Griggs (500-21) 951-681-4722,

Alan Munch (534-16) 805-937-859,8



ScoutingTo foster and promote the scouting program throughout the State among the Posts of The American Legion of this Department, including such activities as the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturing, Sea Scouts, Exploring and Girl Scouts.

Vincent Olvera (77-6) Vice Chair 530- 867-1543,

William C. Bergman (47-10) 925-443-2330,

Bruce Abbott (147-14) 559-431-8403,

Marvin R. Levy (46-23) 310-839-5674, OPEN

Lee R. Wise (125-16) Chair, 805-733-4246,


Program Details

Sons of The American Legion

Sons of the American LegionTo promote the program of The American Legion with the Sons of the Legionnaires.

Charles L. Fitzpatrick (807-4) 530-743-1914,

Paul C. Rodriguez (512-28) 831-238-2590,

John Kirwin (148-12) 559-665-5470,

Ronald D. Fink (177-23) 310-399-7460,

Chris Affolter (13-21) Chair, 909-251-2464,

Gregg Somers (66-16) Vice Chair, 805-549-9199,


Program Details

Valley Forge Workshop

Valley Forge WorkshopThe program is designed to send qualified California Educators to Valley Forge for a one week intensive workshop which enables them to develop a prospectus to ensure the “American Way” so that our youth of today may have a better understanding of both historic origins of their liberty and the responsibilities of good citizenship required of them.

Jack W. Schipper (28-5) Vice Chair, 707-762-2213,

Patricia Brown (456-8) 510-220-1146,

Marco A Galeazzi (249-11) (209) 815-2107,

Peter W. Bernard (281-17) Chair, 310-288-0720,

Eddie G. Jordan (299-25) 909-235-8390, NonGp42a@live.come

Gary D. Mitchell (817-20)

Resources: 2016 Graduate Teacher Progams


Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R)

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R)The Rehabilitation Program of the Districts shall be carried on under the supervision of the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R) Commission throughout the entire Department.

It shall be the policy of the Commission to encourage Posts and Districts to select qualified and able members to serve as Post and District Service Officers and to provide assistance to help them carry out their duties.

Mike Brimer (182-5) 707-429-4720,

Stephen P. Johnson (117-10) Vice Chair, 510-828-6762, None

Tino Adame (16-11) 209-969-0944,

Irene Cruz (631-17) 626-202-3176,

Charlotte Baber (14-25) 909-864-4119,

Donald Avdul (283-24) Chair, 310-422-6440,

CAL VAR FoundationResources: The California American Legion Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Foundation, (CALVAR)


    Veterans Employment

    Veterans EmploymentTo promote the program(s) of employment of veterans and to implement and to ensure that veterans receive due consideration when applying for jobs for which they have earned preferential considerations through their honorable service to God and Country.



    Russell C. Bissonnette (474-26) 650-400-704,0

    Richard S, Smith (26-15) 661-324-9453,

    Henry C. Brown (578-23) Vice Chair, 323-418-0324

    Joel Gregg (310-22) Chair, 619-262-9230,

    Larry Wible (206-20) 323-258-2352,


    Ways and Means

    Ways & MeansThe duties of this Commission shall be the development of plans, ideas, and promotions to secure additional funds by and for the Department. All plans, ideas, and promotions of said Commission must be presented to the Department Commander and the Executive Committee for approval.


    James V. Scariot (31-28) 831-210-4913,

    John Hernandez Jr. (509-14) 559-352-2045,

    Ozan Evans (653-17) 310-677-1182,

    Curtis Hobbs (14-25) Vice Chair, 951-928-9000,

    Janice E. Somers (66-16) Chair, 805-549-9199,