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Department Commissions
Department Commissions and their members are appointed by the Department Executive Committee (DEC). Commissions oversee specific areas of operation and specific programs of The American Legion directly linked to their Commission. Commissions report their progress to the DEC during executive committee meetings and through commission "call-ins" during the year. 

Committees, on the other hand, have members appointed at the Districts level and meet during conventions to hear reports from the commissions. Committee members vote on proposals made to or by the commission and make recommendations to delegates attending the convention.


Aeronautics and Aerospace

Agriculture Natural Resources and EnergyTo promote civilian air activities in the Department, including the building if model airplanes, and if deemed advisable competition among persons so engaged. (Aviation in the military field shall be handled by National Security). To promote aerospace research and keep The American Legion advised of all activity in the field of Aerospace.

Department of California, Aeronautics and Aerospace Commission

  • Robert Azbell, bob.azbell@yahoo.com, 209-251-9487
  • Ernest J. Henry Jr, Vice Chairman, ejbiker65@yahoo.com, 408-449-2146
  • Robert E. Cozad (108-11) Chairman, robertcozad@sbcglobal.net, 209-274-4156
  • Robert Chebi bobcebi@verizon.net, 323-296-7950
  • Daniel Fritz, dfritzman99@yahoo.com, 760-224-4225
  • Gene Denney, genedenny1@socal.rr.com, 818-360-3404

  • Agriculture Natural Resources and Energy

    Agriculture Natural Resources and EnergyTo promote the development, supply, quality, and environmental conversation, applicable to food, agriculture resources, and energy, through study of conditions and problems, and by working in counsel with State Agencies and leaders in their respective fields; to implement an active forestry and youth environmental orientation program, to monitor the energy policies applicable to the state, to promote energy conservation and circulate energy policies as a program of The American Legion, Department of California.

    Department of California, Agriculture Natural Resources and Energy Commission

    1. Robert R. Safreno (338-5), Chairman, shadowbob1@juno.com, 707-795-3963
    2. Floyd M. Long III (9-10), maury_long@yahoo.com, 510-547-6881
    3. Ben Williams (74-12), benandhelga@hotmail.com, 209-538- 2041
    4. Laurence J. Stuppy II (546-17), captainlarry@earthlink.net, 714-842-8118
    5. R. Mike Thweatt, Vice Chair, rmtktt@att.net, 760-443-3579
    6. Julianna F. Potter (790-18), janine790@aol.com, 626-343- 3263

    Program Details

    Amateur Radio

    The AMerican Legion Amateur Radio ClubTo assist in the development of amateur radio, and, to that end, to establish an amateur radio chain among volunteer radio enthusiasts.

    Department of California, Amateur Radio Commission

    1. Steven J. Culp (521-6) (N6EOD) foxeod@yahoo.com 916-501-5056
    2. Daniel L. Curry (585-26) (K6DLC) Chair, k6dlc@danielcurry.net 650-503-3085
    3. Robert D. King (23-14) (KM6BNY) Itsbob_726@comcast.net  559-681-9250
    4. Steven M. Murray (496-19) (KE6DZR) Vice Chairman sspmurray@charter.net 562-596-0518
    5. Thomas S. Mc Lean (519-21) (KJ6DZT) kj6dzt@earthlink.net 760-393-1799
    6. John Velasquez (371-6)(KG6RVR) hotelmike127@yahoo.com 805-343-2206

    Program Details

    American Legion Riders

    American Legion RiderTo support and promote American Legion Riders as a program of The American Legion, Department of California.

    Department of California, American Legion Riders Commission

  • Ron A. Dillow rdcampy@comcast.net 707-753-0575
  • Terry M Baughman, terry.baughman@yahoo.com 831-633-2244
  • Vince A. Cole Jr. vincecole85@gmail.com 209-628-4998
  • Richard Ramirez kiki1951@gmail.com 562-949-5454
  • Reggie “Jake” Jacobsen rljaco1@pacbell.net 760-728-4123
  • Steve Weber, mov-aire@verizon.net, 805-983-3536
  • Program Details


    1005 Americanism
To develop and maintain a spirit of 100% Americanism among Legionnaires and residents of the State of California. To put into effect the Americanism programs of The American Legion; to coordinate any overlapping plans dealing with Americanism; and to develop an overall policy of Americanism. To act as liaison between all youth and adult organizations and to assist in sponsoring activities of Americanism throughout the State of California; and to coordinate the programs of the Posts and Districts of The Department of California with all public, private, and parochial schools and any other organization pursuing the ideals of Americanism.

    February is Americanism Month.

    Department of California, Americanism Commission

    1. Reuel T. Miller (111-5), reuelmiller@comcast.net, 707-874-1951
    2. Eric B. Ardell (246-9), eardell@aol.com, 925-838-0749
    3. David L. Ritter (3-14), dlritter@pacbell.net, 559-584-4275
    4. Patrick J. Dowd (51-19) Vice Chair, pjdowd851@hotmail.com, 562-533-5355
    5. Damon Alexander (14-25) , dl_alexander03@yahoo.com, 909-754-1511
    6. Daniel W. Crow (741-16) Chair, vjc93010@aol.com, 805-482-7753

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